Well done, keep it quiet, don't get too over excited... you are one of the few clever people to find the hiding place of Instant Species.

Instant Species are a band not a brand and since 1997 we’ve made music we love, played gigs to entertain people and released records with an enormous sense of pride. It's more than a hobby but it's far from a career and it's always fun.

We don't have a "plan" or "bid to be" anything other than 4 blokes playing some music we hope is half decent.

We have released 8 albums, various EPs and a few singles on our own label. You can listen to our music here and download tracks (some even for free).

We hope you like what we do!



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Instant Species have played: 238 gigs so far.

(Note: Gig dates can change, sometimes at short notice, it is always best to check with the venue first.)


Instant Species - This Rome | The Brilliant New Album Out Now - Available as limited edition digipack and download
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* Supporter pack is only available to those people promoted the album on social media prior to release. You should know who you are but email us to check if you are not sure. Your name / dedication is printed on the album. If you use this button and you are not on the supporter list we will cancel your purchase and refund you.


Latest News
03.10.14 Albums 9 and 10 well under way
Greetings followers of the Species, there are so few of you now. But for those battle hardened souls that continue to care about our little band of survivors we bring you great news.

For a limited time only, something new...