Graphic showing Instant Species inset within the triangle artwork associated with the bands current album Hills
instant species

|| We are Instant Species, a band from Huddersfield, UK.
|| Making music since 1997.
|| We have released 9 albums in 22 years.
|| We have played hundreds of gigs.

|| we are:
|| Rick: lead vox / guitar
|| Stu: bass guitar / backing vox
|| Nick: drums

Photo of Instant Species featuring all three members - Stuart Criddle, Rick Garnett and Nick Hynes


Locked down for now

Of course like all other musicians and artists we are currently unable to play live due to the lock down restrictions that are in place within the UK. We will be back one day soon to a stage near you. Until then keep safe and keep smiling. Better times are always just around the corner.


The Devils Hand
Taken from the album "Hills" and the "The Devils Hand EP"

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Montage of four photos showing members of Instant Species in various poses

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